Rainbow Stag Beetle Terraformar
Rb stag
Japanese name ニジイロクワガタ型テラフォーマー
Height 200cm
Weight 110kg
Origin Cockroaches, Mars
Affiliations Terraformar
Manga Debut Chapter 47
Image Gallery
The Rainbow Stag Beetle Terraformar is a Terraformar that stole the abilities of the member of the Bugs #2's crew Maria Viren.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

History Edit


Somehow during the past this Terraformar gained the abilities of the member of the Bugs #2's crew Maria Viren.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.) Edit

A Rainbow Stag Beetle Terraformar is seen for this first time after the roaches attack Squad 1 with improvised rockets. It uses the iridescent coating of its shell in combination with the fires started by the rockets to make itself invisible and launch a surprise attack at Squad 1, killing one member and crippling Jared Anderson, while at the same time a Mole Cricket Terraformar and a force of regular Terraformars start their attack as well. It then proceeds to go after the Evacuation Unit of the Squad only to be stopped by the strings of the newly arrived Akari Hizamaru.

Michelle arrives together with Akari, and the two mount an assault on the Terraformar. It struggles unsuccessfully to escape Akari's threads, as Michelle uses them to her advantage to topple the creature. However, the Terraformar's sturdy shell and light-bending skin hides it while it escapes. The Terraformar is quickly tracked down by Jared and Michelle and the battle continues, with each side exchanging blows from dropkicks to headbutts. The Terraformar catches Michelle in a bear hug, however. But she manages to avoid being crushed. With her remaining strength, she blows Blast Ant chemicals into the Terraformar's face, causing it's head to explode from the inside, killing it.

However, another Rainbow Stag Beetle Terraformar would emerge from the ocean alongside his fellow Terraformars, heading towards the "Harigimi Sea Land" amusement park in Hokkaido, Japan.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Rainbow Stag Beetle Terraformar has killed:

  • Unnamed squad 1 non-combatant

Powers and Abilities Edit

This Terraformar possesses a refractive exoskeleton that reflects light around the surface of its body, effectively distorting its outline. Its exoskeleton is incredibly durable and its appendages are lined with innumerable serrated edges used for cutting. It also possesses immense crushing power typical of a stag beetle.

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