Ryouta Kamifukuoka
Fukuoka Ryouta
Full name Kamifukuoka Ryouta
Status Alive
Gender Male
Origin Japan
Relatives Kamifukuoka Kyoko (Step-mother)
Manga Debut Number 1
Seiyuu Sanae Nakata
Image Gallery

Ryouta Kamifukuoka is a Japanese high-schooler living in the Tokyo Metropolitan.

Appearance Edit

A young Japanese man with a slim build.

Personality Edit

Ryouta is shown to have a humble personality, referring to himself as ordinary. Hobbies include cooking, sewing, and catching butterfly pupae to disintegrate them.

History Edit

After returning home from an exhausting day Ryouta finished taking a quick shower before preparing to dip himself in a bath. Just as he was about to relax in the water, his childhood friend Misaki Fujimino appears from the depths of the bath wrapping her naked body around his. After attempting to remove himself from her grasp he notices that the lights of his family's apartment blacked out. To make matters worse his step-mother, Kyoko had just arrived home, with the intention of joining him.

As Kyoko entered nude into the bathroom, a Terraformar had loomed behind her in a menacing manner. Ryouta seeing his step-mother in danger attempted to warn her. Luckily Keiji and Kanako arrived at the scene and drove it away, denying it three captives.

Trivia Edit

  • He share VA with Akari(child).

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