Full name Shou Saito
Japanese name 斉藤 翔
Romanization Saitō Shō
Surgery type Insect
Surgery base Gryllus bimaculatus
Status Alive
Age 21
Gender Male
Birthday November 24 (Sagittarius)
Height 168cm
Weight 60kg
Origin Kanagawa, Japan
Blood type O
Seiyuu Yuusuke Kobayashi
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Shou Saito (斉藤 翔, Saitō Shō)


Saito is a tall,muscular man and his body is filled with tattoos from neck to toe giving him an intimidating appearence. He has a vertical scar across his right eye.



He attended the same school as Akari and Yuriko. He comes from a poor background and has grew up a delinquent. Later he became the boss of a small gang.

As time passed he became in charge of the people living in the sewers numbering 500. He considers them his family and he takes upon himself to look after their well-being.

Later he undertook the Bugs Surgery from Chinese agents in order to become strong as a mean to protect his people and to battle Terraformars because he could sell their bodies at a high price on the black market.

He met Akari and battled underground and was betrayed by his own gang member which proved to be a double agent for the Chinese government waiting to capture Akari using mind-controlled Terraformars. He was saved by Akari who used the Blood Chimera Transformation in order to combine his Bugs surgery abilities along with Saitos.

Later he was seeing hospitalized by Akaris group.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He is shown to be able to kill hundreds of Terraformars and, while under the influence of his transformation, is able to survive a bullet to the neck.

Because of his base surgery he has gained the abilities of a field cricket, Gryllus bimaculatus. Thus gaining the leg power that defines the Orthoptera order.

In addition he gained the sensitive antennae Gryllus bimaculatus has. They connecting directly to his brain,allowing him to feel even the movements of air molecules.This ability allows him to evade enemy attacks before they hit.

His kicks can shatter bones and concret. He uses his leg power to dart around his enemies with amazing speed, making it hard for the enemies to react.

Saito is strong enough to avoid attacks from blind spots and defeat a Terraformar in combat without using his transformation abilities. However it's unknown if he undergone any type of modification that changed his human abilities.


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