Sergei Seleznyov
Full name Sergei Seleznyov
Japanese name セルゲイ・セレズニョフ
Romanization Serugei Serezunyofu
Surgery type Mammal
Surgery base Euroscaptor mizura
Status Deceased
Age 29
Gender Male
Birthday July 5 (Cancer)
Height 188cm
Weight 100kg
Origin Russia
Blood type AB
Affiliations Annex I
Manga Debut Chapter 25
Anime Debut Episode 3
Seiyuu Tsujii Kengo
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Sergei Seleznyov (セルゲイ・セレズニョフ, Serugei Serezunyofu) is a Russian man under Sylvester Asimov's tutelage who joined the Annex Project in order to find a cure for the deadly A.E. virus that afflict the Earth.


Sergei is a muscular, well-built man with medium blonde hair and dark green eyes.


Due to his family's influence he considers himself an impudent and lazy person, but the others don't see it that way at all.



Sergei was born to a strict military family but hates studying, so he joined the military as a soldier, but was shocked to find that even there he still had to study to get promoted. Despite all this he also has good grades. When he heard from his parents about Sylvester "Superman"/"God of War" Asimov he gained interest and also joined the mission to Mars.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sergei is a capable fighter and a 4th dan judo practioner. After receiving his M.O. Operation Sergei gained the powers and abilities of the Japanese mountain mole. This make him able to dig tunnels underground very fast thanks to his great claws and strong arms.


  • He liked borrowing books and comics from people to read without returning them, and dislike erotic comics with otherwise good art but poorly drawn nipples.
  • His favourite food are oden sausages and japanese sake.
  • He is quite proficient in japanese language having a Japanese Aptitude level 2.

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