Sheila Levitt

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Sheila Levitt

Full name Sheila Levitt
Japanese name シーラ・レヴィット
Romanization Shīra Revitsu
Surgery type Amphibian
Surgery base Poison dart frog
Status Deceased
Age 16
Gender Female
Birthday 1 September (Virgo)
Height 159cm
Weight 44kg
Origin Gran Mexico
Blood type O
Affiliations Annex I
M.A.R.S ranking #89
Manga Debut Chapter 2
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyuu Ai Kayano
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Sheila Levitt (シーラ・レヴィット, Shīra Revitto) is a Mexican girl that along with mother fled their country with the help of their relatives after her father committed suicide. Her childhood friends Alex and Marcos chased after her, finding her in the process of taking up the M.O. operation and joining Annex I project.


Sheila had a very bright and friendly personality. Despite being afraid she would always maintain a positive attitude especially in times of hardship also out of respect for her father. She was also very timid having a secret crush towards Komachi Shokichi but didn't know how to reveal her feelings to him.


Sheila is a young girl with medium brown hair and light green eyes. She has B-cups.



Born in the north of Mexico as the only daughter of the owner of a leather workshop. Sheila enjoyed a wealthy and privileged childhood during which she met and befriended Marcos Garcia and Alex Stewart whose families were working for her. One day after her father continued to not pay his workers, a gang bribed the workers and had them cause a riot, robbing their house before burning it. After the chaos, her father committed suicide and Sheila with her mother fled to United States with the help of her relatives. However her mother and 14 others had died crossing the desert bordering the states while Sheila was able to survive.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

Sheila was first seen in U-NASA, where she was in the process of signing up for the M.O. operation. A little bit later, she bumped into her childhood friends Marcos and Alex, who were relieved to know she was still alive and had become an American citizen. During the attack on Annex I, she became part of Komachi Shokichi's Squad 1 during Plan Delta. When their H.E.V. was attacked by a Terraformer, she was able to capture it using the Anti-Terraformer bug net launcher. However the Terraformer used God Lee's Bugs surgery power and shot a hole through her chest, fatally wounding her. In the process of dying, she attempted to tell Shokichi her true feelings, but could not due to hole in her chest. However, in her last moments Shokichi was able to understand what she was trying to say and died in the arms of whom she loved.


Sheila's death caused Marcos to go berserk and kill the Terraformar that killed her and after taking the drug he killed almost all the the Terraformars that were surrounding them all while he was crying and remembering the time he spent with Sheila.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Her abilities remain unknown. She went through the M.O. Operation and received an unrevealed DNA to strengthen her body, but died before she was able to do or show anything.

It's revealed in an official illustration of deceased characters being in their transformed state, which includes Sheila, that her surgery base is a species of poison dart frog (Dentrobatidae). The illustration shows that while in her transformed state Sheila gained a frog-like tongue and frog-like hands. Also since her base is a poison dart frog she probably gained the ability to secrete lipophilic alkaloid toxins through her skin as well as having suction pad digits.

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