Silk Moth Terraformar
Full name Silk Moth Terraformar
Japanese name クモイトカイコガ型テラフォーマー
Height 200cm
Weight 110kg
Origin Cockroaches, Mars
Affiliations Terraformar
Manga Debut Chapter 37
Image Gallery
 The Silk Moth Terraformar is a Terraformar that stole the abilities of the member of the Bugs #2's crew Nanao Akita.

Appearance Edit

Unlike normal type Terrformars, his body is covered by white fur and he has moth-like antenna.

He wears silk fundoshi with six sagaris. Which means his social rank is higher than Pachyrhynchus Infernalis type.

Personality Edit

History Edit


Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.) Edit

Abilities Edit

He can hear far better than any terra formar it also can produce threads strong enough to support him and Shokichi and sticky enough to cling to cave walls.His skills with strings are impressive as he can tie people up,make entire structures from them and use them for handling rocks and missiles.

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