Sumo Wrestler-Type Terraformar
Full name Sumo Wrestler-Type Terraformar
Japanese name 力士型テラフォーマー
Status Deceased
Height 220cm
Weight 200+kg
Origin Cockroaches, Mars
Affiliations Terraformar
Manga Debut Chapter 28
Image Gallery

The Sumo Wrestler-Type Terraformar is a Terraformar whose body absorbed plenty of animal protein during their nymph state. They have three times more muscles, agility and running ability than a normal Terraformar but their size renders them flightless

Appearance Edit

They are bigger and bulkier than average Terraformars.

Personality Edit

It is mentioned they are "proud of their abilites" but they have no other real expressions of emotions.

History Edit

Past Edit

By absorbing plenty of animal protein after its nymph state this Terraformar gained an extremly muscular body.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.) Edit

During the first night on Mars one Sumo Wrestler-Type Terraformar along with an army of regular Terraformars attacks Squad 5 on their way to the Annex I by ramming their Evacuation Unit with the stolen Evacuation Unit of Squad 4 and pushing them into a hole. When Adolf Reinhard destroy the roaches' stolen firearms with his ability it orders its underlings to attack and after Adolf effortlessly kills some of them it prepares itself for battle only to be confronted by Adolf's Vice Isabella R. Leon. When the young woman attacked the Sumo Wrestler-Terraformar it killed her with one punch that destroyed her entire upper body and then it leaped at Adolf himself. While Adolf managed to evade its first punch, the Terraformar was able to grab him in a bearhug yet at the same time the squad captain stabbed its eyes with his fingers. Ultimately Adolf's electric powers killed the Terraformar though he sustained heavy damage himself.

After Adolf killed the first one, three further Sumo Wrestler-Type Terraformars arrived along with their leader and a regular Terraformar in a car to confront Squad 5. One of them carries the Terraformar's flag during the assault and on its leaders orders, signales the regular Terraformars to use net guns to capture the members of Squad 5. Later it uses the flag to protect its leader from an overdosed Adolf's Throwing Knives. However the german officer uses his powers to let a lightning strike the flagpole killing the Sumo Wrestler-Type Terraformar and temporary killing the leader. What happened to the other to two Sumo Wrestler-Type Terraformars is unknown but they were most likely killed when to explosion device inside Adolf's body went of.

Later on as the officers Shokichi Komachi, Sylvester Asimov, Liu Yiwu and Michelle K. Davis as well as Eva Frost and Akari Hizamaru managed to regroup after Michelle and Akari escaped the Jiu Tou Long, they were attacked by an army of Terraformars among them a Sumo Wrestler-Type Terraformar. It attacked Shokichi Komachi, however the Terraformar was quickly killed by Shokichi and Michelle K. Davis.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Sumo Wrestler-type Terraformar has killed:

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