Tatsuhiro Someya
Full name Tatsuhiro Someya
Japanese name 染谷 龍大(そめや たつひろ)
Romanization Someya Tatsuhiro
Status Alive
Age 20
Gender Male
Birthday 8 August (Leo)
Height 194cm
Weight 165kg
Origin Saitama, Japan
Blood type B
Manga Debut Chapter 37
Seiyuu Hamano Daiki
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Tatsuhiro Someya (染谷 龍大, Someya Tatsuhiro) is a Japanese man and bodyguard working for Shichisei Hiruma.




Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

Someya along with Hyuga was first seen outside the bar where Honda Kou and Shichisei Hiruma were talking. Hyuga told Someya that Annex I when for plan Delta. They also discussed the A.E. Virus and the sick people, commenting also that there is no hope for Sakurato Harukaze. While guarding outside, they were attacked by few men, wanting to take Honda, but were easily defeated by them. Someya commented that seeing a bodyguard with unbottoned suit, mean that he can take out his gun fast and is ready to shoot, but then commented that his only guns are his fists. Hyuga spoke some russian and judging by their reaction he understood that they must be russians.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In his early days he got involved in a yakuza attack and single handed beat them all.He dropped the offer of a NFL scout to be a pro-football player although he had the talent for it.

Tatsuhiro is considered one of the most strongest characters of the series.He is on par with Joseph Newton.

He can beat a Terraformar without transforming himself with minimum effort without being caught of guard because of their high speed.

After being tranformed he is 3 time stronger.

He beat a Brown bear Terraformar with force alone using his transformed state.

He uses a retractable batton as a self-defense weapon.

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