Yaeko Yanasegawa

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Full name Yaeko Yanasegawa
Japanese name 柳瀬川八恵子 (ヤナセガワ ヤエコ)
Romanization Yanasegawa Yaeko
Surgery type Mammal
Surgery base Mephitis mephitis
Status Alive
Age 20
Gender Female
Birthday 18 July (Cancer)
Height 169cm
Weight 57.5kg
Origin Japan
Blood type B
Affiliations Annex I
M.A.R.S ranking #98
Manga Debut Chapter 11
Anime Debut Episode 2
Seiyuu Aki Toyosaki
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Yaeko Yanasegawa (柳瀬川八恵子, Yanasegawa Yaeko) is a Japanese girl that joined the Annex I Project because of her various financial debts. Assigned to Nippon-Alliance Squad 2 led by Michelle K. Davis.


Yaeko is a young girl with an oval facial feature, black hair in a ponytail and brown eyes. She has C-cups.



Yaeko was raised by a single mother. While she could never afford to buy popular items or be with people during elementary and middle school she nonetheless worked very hard in her studies to become a nurse like her mother. Around then though unfortunately, she was caught lying about her age in her part-time jobs so schools would no longer accept her, she would end up being a guarantor of a debt belonging to a man claiming to be her father, and went through a lot of things until she eventually ends up joining the Annex I Project.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

First seen after landing on Mars with Squad 2, commentating that the scenery looked so different from the pictures taken from the unmanned satellites during the 20th century; If only there was nothing on Mars after 500 years it would have been a beautiful star. After the day and night battles of Squad 1 and 2, she is seen approaching Alex who was sitting next to Sheila's grave. Commenting that she became worried about Alex when he did not return back to the H.S.E.V., She sits down next to Alex saying she feels sorry for Sheila and that she was a good and cute girl. Alex simply replies back Sheila should not have come to Mars at all, to which Yaeko states while she did not see the situation nobody could've saved her at that moment. Alex replies back saying that the moment he thought that way he felt mysteriously satisfied, wondering when he felt the feeling of why nobody would help even though he believes he lost that feeling along time ago. However Yaeko comforts him, saying that was because he was a big brother to Marcos and Sheila, being older than the two while being saved by him on Mars, and that there are people who will save him in the Nippon-American Alliance Squad. Alex agrees stating there was Officer Michelle, Commander Komachi, and Akari. Yaeko states she is also there to save him too, and in sad times its always good to cry claiming that it was today's mission. Offering a hug, Yaeko tries to have Alex cry in her hug saying that his older brother and sisters are here and tells him to cry in her older sisters embrace for 5,000 yen. However Alex is completely puzzled by Yaekos words since it does not connect at all to which Yaeko quickly questions if Alex was 18 as well lowering her price to 4,000 yen. Quickly realizing, Alex asks her in surprise if she was older than him to which Yaeko exclaims that she was 20 years old, a senior. Alex comments it was unbelievable that she was older to which Yaeko angrily asks if he had thought she was younger, to which Alex simply replies "As a human".

Later, she is seen commanding Squad 2's H.S.E.V. and feigns defection to Squad 3 calling them to fire the missile at the spot Michelle and Akari were fighting pleading for them to spare her life. While Squad 3 did indeed fire the missile, their plan to use the missile against the Terraformars backfire when Alex's ball misses it as it harmlessly fell to the ground. It is then revealed that not only did Alexandr manage to tamper with the missile, he also left a katana for Akari to use in his battle. However, after the intense battle which left Michelle and Akari unable to move from their injures Bao takes advantage of the situation by wounding Alex and takes over the vehicle.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

After receiving her M.O. Operation Yaeko gained the powers and abilities of the striped skunk. Through her transformation she gains two anal scent glands near her butt, from which she can spray the stinking liquid typical for skunks. This liquid contains butyl mecaptan and is harmful when it touches skin or mucous membrane. It can cause the temporary blindness as well as damage to the lungs and is highly flammable. However its most defining feature is its incredible stench, which is 16.000 times stronger than the smell of surströming and is able to even make a group of Terraformars stop their attack.

However given her low rank and the biological information about her base, it seems likely that Yaeko can only produce a relative small amount of this liquid. Her actual combat powers are probably pretty low as well as her rank indicates that she is one of the weakest persons on board of the Annex I.


  • She worries about the fact that her "marriage line" in palm reading disappeared when she was 10 years old.
  • She can lick her own nose (has a long tongue).
  • In order for her to use her ability she has to rip an opening at the buttocks of her pants.

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