Full name Yoh
Japanese name ヨウ
Surgery type Chordate
Surgery base Eptatretus burgeri
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Origin China
Affiliations Annex I
Manga Debut Chapter 7
Anime Debut Episode 2
Image Gallery

Yoh (ヨウ, Yō) is a Chinese girl under Liu Yiwu's tutelage who joined the Annex Project.


Yoh was a young Chinese woman with dark brown hair and pink eyes.



Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

Soon before the landing of the Annex 1 on Mars, Yoh was showering. Akari and Marcos, concerned as to why she was taking a long time and why they were sensing a smell more like a woman than shampoo, they decided to peep in on her. Contrary to their expectations, Yoh was looking back at them with gaping eyes. When Akari attempted to apologize, the door was opened and there stood a Terraformar, holding the upper half of Yoh's lifeless body. Upon noticing Akari, it drops Yoh before attacking him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

After receiving her M.O. Operation, Yoh gained the powers and abilities of the inshore hagfish. What exactly she was capable of doing is not shown.


  • She is the first victim of the Annex I.
  • While it is revealed that the members of the Chinese division were given the Type-Red Operation, she was still killed by a Terraformar. How she could not hold her own against it is unknown.
  • In an image showing the deceased characters of the series, Yoh was present. She was nude and covered in hagfish mucus.

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